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A Social Platform Where Leaders Connect, Learn, & Grow.

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The Leader Link is designed to be an ongoing developmental benefit to leaders and the businesses they serve. Leaders connect with other leaders within your brand on various topics online and during virtual “Leader Talks” curated by PRIME Strategy Coaches.


Leaders who are enrolled in the Impactful Leadership Program -- our core group coaching program -- have complementary access to the Leader Link during their enrollment. For more information about the Impactful Leadership Program click here.

"What I like about the Leader Talks Impactful Leadership Program is the opportunity to give leaders some dedicated time for intentional coaching, learning, and sharing. It is a phenomenal opportunity to interact with leaders in other restaurants. I enrolled 2 leaders, and I like that Stephanie is always being "relevant" with them and working on solutions to issues with them! My leaders are now way more engaged in the business and thinking of ways to do things better to grow sales, minimize expenses, and get the right people in the right 'seats on the bus'. It's been a great opportunity for me!"

John howard, Operator

chick-fil-a long beach town center (CA)