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This Virtual Program is Offered in 4 Separate 3-Month Series


Each 3-Month Series Focuses on a Variety of Topics Delivered via Video Session, then Discussed during Two 1-Hour  Interactive Group Coaching Sessions Per Month Facilitated Virtually by our Coaching Team.

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Impactful Leadership Program!



I'm 1000% better at building trust and communications."


Operations Manager (GA)










"The program helped me to better know myself as a leader and to effectively communicate goals and expectations to a team consisting of diverse backgrounds and personalities. I’ve learned to trust and delegate more which allowed me to focus on other areas of the business which resulted in new growth opportunities for other leaders. I was able to meet and collaborate with other leaders from all over the country to discuss some of the challenges we face and talk about some solutions and best practices."  


Operations Manager TX)




"As a new leader, leading during a pandemic is the norm for me! My biggest challenge was to get everyone to work together as a team. We are much better at communicating now."


Manager (CA)









"PRIME Strategy taught me to have effective communication with the team. I appreciate my Owner-Operator finding resources for us to grow as leaders!"

 Executive Director (NC)



 "The program refreshed my skills on different levels. It gave me a foundation that I can turn to and come back and use going forward. It was really exciting going through the DiSC assessment and understanding the people that I work with and how to work with them. Feedback from other leaders on new practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic have been very helpful. I also felt closer to the other leader from our team who was in the program with me!"

 Operations Director (GA)



"The Impactful Leadership Program helped me quickly diagnose issues with lack of consistency and lack of motivation and to bring it to the attention of everyone. I was really excited about surveying team members to learn what motivates them. Driving consistency and motivating others have been my biggest leadership impact this year!"


Front of House Director (MI)





"It’s been a blessing all the way around learning about practical tips to help me get from level to level of leadership and being more mindful of how I treat people. The micro learning style that Coach Stephanie uses is really top notch. The tips and steps can be applied right away with immediate results!"


Operations Director (MD)







"Meeting and collaborating with other leaders across the chain has been a big help in leading improvement in our Food Safety Score!"  


Food Safety Manager (VA) 







"The Leader Panel topic on delegation was memorable! Other leaders who are very good at delegation shared their perspective on making delegation a habit and not trying to do everything yourself. You have to put trust in your team, build your team up, and delegate different jobs to different people. It makes you feel so much better that you don’t have too much on your plate!"


Operations Director  (MD)







 Hear what Business Owner-Operators are saying!


"What I like about the Leader Talks Impactful Leadership Program is the opportunity to give leaders some dedicated time for intentional coaching, learning, and sharing. It is a phenomenal opportunity to interact with leaders in other locations. I enrolled 2 leaders, and I like that Stephanie is always being "relevant" with them and working on solutions to issues with them! My leaders are now way more engaged in the business and thinking of ways to do things better to grow sales, minimize expenses, and get the right people in the right 'seats on the bus'. It's been a great opportunity for me!"





"The 3 leaders I enrolled in the 6 Month Impactful Leadership Program drove a culture change in our business to reflect more excellence as opposed to mediocrity! We saw increased influence, better delegation, a more consistent approach, and RESULTS."








"One of the biggest benefits is that it gave my leaders the opportunity to share ideas with leaders from other locations. This gave them a broader way of looking at things. This program is awesome and your leaders will benefit from it!"









"We engaged PRIME Strategy as our partner. We enrolled 2 leaders into the Impactful Leadership Program. Our leaders learned fundamental strategies to execute with excellence consistently. We are able to retain our key leaders because they see value in their Operator investing in their lives."


"My leader is now coming out of her shell! Taking ownership, owning her development, and listening to leadership speakers in the car!





"The impact was immediate!"